Is Soy Protein Better Than Whey Protein

Many bodybuilders and professional athletes use whey protein isolates and soy protein isolates as dietary supplements for muscle development. Is any of them better than the other?

One recent study by the University of Granada in Granada, Spain shows that soy protein is better than whey protein.

Whey Protein

What are the highlights of this study?

  1. Rats fed on the whey protein diet expelled more calcium than rats fed on the soy protein diet.
  2. Rats fed on the whey protein diet had lower urinary pH than rats fed on the soy protein diet.
  3. The results on the renal morphologic parameters or other plasma renal biomarkers like albumin or urea differences remained the same for both groups.

What does the result mean?

Rats that were given whey protein are more prone to develop nephrolithiasis (the process of forming a kidney stone) than those eating soy protein.
It also suggests that soy protein may boost “a more alkaline plasma and urinary profile, with their consequent renal advantages” when compared to whey protein.

A lower pH can lead to the risk of developing kidney stones. If you train competitively in sports, where you get your protein is important. This study gives you an idea why you should opt for soy protein instead of whey protein.

TIP: If you have kidney stones, take potassium citrate to remove them. The elimination of kidney stones will take a few days.

Quit Smoking Exercise

Many smokers worry about weight gain during the course of quitting tobacco use. Regular exercise is the best way to manage your weight. In one study, smokers who perform weight training lose weight and body fat during their attempt to quit.

But can exercise help you to quit smoking? Doing physical training as a way to kick smoking habit isn’t a new thing. However, the researchers from the University of Exeter discovered that just 5 minutes of workout can reduce the withdrawal symptoms. In fact, you can keep the symptoms under control longer if your exercise is more intense.

Another study shows that resistance training increases the chances of quitting and stay quitting by two-fold.

If you have not exercised for awhile, start with short bouts of low-intensity workout a few times a week. Always pick an exercise that you enjoy. It would be better if you can find a buddy to work out with you.

Begin exercising each time you feel the urge to light a cigarette. As you develop this healthy habit, you will find some of damages caused by smoking will gradually be repaired.